Mobile Lidar

What is Mobile Lidar?

With the use of Lidar systems in the 1960s, they were integrated into mobile platforms in the 2000s and became mobile. Mobile Lidar technology is known today as the most modern method of scanning and data collection. 3D data of all objects in the environment can be collected. The mobile laser scanner is mounted on vehicles and collects data quickly and precisely. Laser scanners that scan 360 degrees can collect more than 1 million point data per second. It is possible to measure all kinds of details in the field with mobile lidar, which works in integration with camera and GPS. 

Today, Mobile Lidar has a wide range of usage areas; 

  • Thanks to the collected data and point cloud, basic measurements (distance, area, height …) can be made with high precision, 
  • Precise coordinate data can be obtained from points, 
  • Information on city objects can be extracted, 
  • All infrastructure elements are shown in coordinates, 
  • Illegal structures can be detected, 
  • Objects such as signs, poles, traffic signs on or on the roadside can be measured and their compliance with the standards can be checked, 
  • Necessary measurements can be made before going to the field, 
  • Allows 3D maps of roads to be produced quickly and with high precision, 
  • Railway and tunnel projects, 
  • Deformation measurements can be made, 
  • In road projects, cross-section-length sections can be made without going to the field. 

In addition to the application areas of mobile lidar, it can now be the eye of fully autonomous vehicles that are started to be produced today. High resolution 3D maps are used in autonomous vehicles developed using Lidar sensors. Thus, while the vehicle is on the road, it can detect everything around it in real time and create its route. 

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