Indoor Mapping

What is Indoor Mapping?

Indoor Mapping, as the name suggests, can be defined as a mechanism that allows you to position objects and people in indoor environments. In other words, it allows sensors or mobile devices to be monitored in an indoor environment. You can obtain real-time data about your organization by placing the sensors at specific points where you want to collect information. Indoor mapping allows you to gather real data on what is happening in your organization. 


Indoor Mapping Application Areas

The use of Indoor Mapping applications is increasing rapidly today. The most preferred of these are as follows. 


Indoor maps are very useful for visitors, patients and staff in a hospital. Visitors and patients trying to find their destination pose a problem for hospitals. Sometimes it takes a lot of time for hospital staff to find the equipment they need. Indoor navigation with asset tracking provides a solution to this problem. The equipment is tagged so the IPS system knows where the equipment is and can direct indoor navigation personnel to it. 


Finding a conference room, toilet or table is easier with indoor navigation. In addition, employees can find out which conference rooms are vacant and available. In addition to people and places, assets such as printers, tools, or test equipment can be found thanks to indoor maps. 


Shopping Centers and Department Stores: 

The use of indoor maps in shopping malls allows you to get step-by-step directions to a particular store. In large stores, it can direct you to certain products. You can also collect useful marketing data from indoor mapping systems. For example, how much time do people spend in which store? What areas of the store do people need to go to the most? With this information, you can make it easy to find stores and reconfigure the store layout based on what people need most. 

University Campuses: 

Thanks to the interior maps, a more personalized campus experience is created for both students and visitors. 


Parking Lots: 

Parking lots at airports, stadiums and other large venues can cover large multi-storey areas, so finding your way around these areas can be confusing. Indoor mapping systems can help customers find their way. 

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