Mobile Mapping Software

What is Mobile Mapping Software?

Mobile maps, which provide many services such as 360-degree viewing of cities, measurement on panoramic images, real-time data generation and updates, showing important centers that may be needed, knowing and updating the locations of city objects, it is generated from location data from mobile vehicles such as cars, drones, boats, trains or planes. Sensors such as GNSS, camera, LIDAR, radar, IMU are installed in mobile vehicles to produce and collect data.
With Mobile Mapping software, the data received from sensors integrated into mobile vehicles must be transferred to the developed software and visualized in order to reach the end user. Thanks to these software, mobile maps are created by processing, querying and analyzing data.

There are many options for the user in mobile maps. The user can easily reach the location he is looking for with the help of the interface designed in the software. In the mobile maps produced by ANKAGEO, besides the map, the user can also show the street views of the location he / she is looking for in 360 degrees. At the same time, route alternatives (bus, metro, metrobus, etc.) are presented to the user on this map. 

Mobile Mapping Projects by Ankageo

Izmir-Scale Panoramic Shooting 

  • Collection of 22,000 km of road and road data with mobile mapping system 
  • Processing of data into the Geographic Information System Database 
  • Preparing mobile and web software to update these data 
  • Associating with the existing city guides owned by IMM and making it available on the internet and intranet 

Istanbul Panoramic Shooting 

  • Panoramic image shooting of Istanbul’s 34,000 km avenues and streets 
  • Of the period (2014) is shooting a panoramic image of the largest diameter made in Turkey 
  • Integration to web, mobile and desktop applications 

TURKSAT Tsunami Project 

  • Panoramic image capture of 30,000 km in 22 provinces 
  • To ensure effective use of TÜRKSAT Cable Systems Infrastructure 
  • Managing assets, creating a base for marketing and projects, reaching customers faster 
  • Possibility to obtain information about important places in the city (hotel, restaurant, public transportation stops, pharmacy, historical places, etc.) 

Image Based Information Management System 

  • Europe’s largest mobile mapping project in Turkey is 95,000 km long road panoramic view of the area, road profiles and mm precision in the lidar was produced. 
  • Completely domestic and national software 
  • Mobile mapping vehicle design, calibration and integration 
  • Data collection, processing and geo-coordinating from the field 
  • Inventory production 
  • Web and mobile server software 

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