Panoramic View

What is Panoramic View?

In order to show the view of large objects or places as a single photograph, a panoramic image was obtained by combining several photographs taken from different angles starting at the end of the 1800s. Today, cameras that provide 360-degree viewing in a single image have been developed. Thanks to these cameras, obtaining panoramic images has become easier and widespread. 

There are multiple panoramic image acquisition techniques: 


  • Single mirror 
  • Multi mirrored 


  • Multi-sensor systems 
  • Fisheye lenses 
  • Direct scan 
  • Combining 

Multi-Sensor (Multiple Camera Systems) Panoramic Cameras

One of the panoramic image acquisition systems is the multi-camera panoramic imaging system. The multi-sensor panoramic imaging system is a combination of conjugate and stand-alone cameras spread angularly in a center and fixed. It has a wide range of uses. If the absolute position and outer orientation parameters are calculated with sufficient accuracy in a multi-camera panoramic imaging system, the application areas can be further expanded. 

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Ladybug5 Multi-Sensor Camera

ANKAGEO has developed fully domestic and national mobile mapping systems. It brings the field to your table by collecting 360-degree panoramic images with the Multi-Sensor Camera integrated into its vehicles. Thanks to its 360-degree city guides, it offers the opportunity to visit the city without going to the city. 

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