Smart City

What is a Smart City?

Integrated city systems called Smart City have been developed at the point where the services in the cities are insufficient as a result of the rural-urban migration and disproportionate population increases in the cities due to the development of the possibilities in the cities. With the Smart Cities, livability in cities has increased and the difficulties in cities have begun to be resolved better. Smart Cities have become an increasingly widespread concept and formation with the development of technology today. The concept of Smart City is innovative cities that produce more environmentally friendly, sustainable, practical solutions to the problems that occur by using the possibilities of developing technology and turning to renewable energy sources. In short, it can be called efficiency, sustainability, livability and technology. 

In general, the goal in a smart city is to create more livable cities with a high level of prosperity and happiness. 


Smart City Components

In order for the governance of Smart Cities to be carried out effectively, sub-components should be created and targets should be determined. Smart City components around the world have been collected under many different headings. In Turkey, according to 2020-2023 NATIONAL SMART CITIES STRATEGY AND ACTION PLAN, smart city components was created under 16 headings: 

  • Smart Environment 
  • Smart Security 
  • Smart Human 
  • Smart Structures 
  • Smart Economy 
  • Smart Space Management 
  • Smart Health 
  • Intelligent Governance Information Technologies 
  • Intelligent Transportation 
  • Smart Energy 
  • Communication Technologies 
  • Information security 
  • Intelligent Infrastructure 
  • Disaster and Emergency Management 
  • Geographic Information Systems 

There are many goals planned to be achieved under these titles. With the realization of these goals, it is aimed to fully realize Smart Cities. 

ANKAGEO's Place in the Smart City

With Smart Cities, location data has gained more importance. While building Smart Cities, it is necessary to produce location data and use it effectively. Many studies and projects are carried out under the title of Smart Cities in the world. Turkey is also referred in particular to the importance of the Smart Cities concept often lately and large-scale projects are being carried out about it. 

As ANKAGEO, we provide technology transfer with domestic and international innovative technology companies in order to respond to the developing and changing engineering needs, and we realize Smart City projects in many different areas with domestic and national project / technology production. ANKAGEO, together with domestic and international project partners for 16 components determined in the 2020-2023 National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan, Scaled-Unscaled Panoramic Imaging, Map Production and GIS Application Software and Project Management, Investment Tracking Systems, Fast Data Collection Techniques, Develops dynamic intersection control systems, intersection counting and classification systems, Smart City Public Applications and Mobile Applications. 


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