Geographic Information System

What is Geographical Information System?

It is a system that includes all processes from generating, collecting, analyzing, visualizing and presenting geographic data for spatial inquiry and analysis by using location data on the world. 

Geographical Information System is a very broad concept and is an information system that appeals to many areas of use. It has a wide range of uses: 

  • Cartography 
  • Telecom and Network Services 
  • Electricity Distribution Network Management 
  • Natural Gas Distribution Network Management 
  • Water and Sewerage Distribution Network Management 
  • Traffic Management 
  • City Planning and Management 
  • Transportation Planning 
  • Environmental Impact Analysis 
  • Agricultural and Forest Practices 
  • Disaster Management and Prevention 
  • Natural Resources Management 
  • Banking and Insurance Sector 
  • Accident and Problem Area Analysis 
  • Land Measurement and Evaluation 
  • Earth Sciences 
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems 
  • Asset Management and Maintenance 
  • Urban Planning 
  • municipality 
  • Health 
  • Education 
  • Mine 
  • Industry 
  • Economy 

Geographical Information System History

The first GIS study in history was carried out in 1832 to map the Cholera pandemic, but the concept of GIS was first used in the 1960s. GIS studies have been used more and more widely after 2000 until today. Today, with the development of technology, GIS studies are carried out in digital environments intertwined with technology. 

Geographical Information System Components

Geographical Information Systems have 5 main components: People, software, data, methods, hardware. 

Benefits of Geographical Information System

  • Speeds up the flow of information. 
  • Increases work efficiency. 
  • Provides effective and accurate analysis. 
  • Provides ease of data updating. 
  • Prevents labor and time loss. 
  • Enables us to produce a future perspective. 
  • Enables location-based management mechanism. 
  • Location-based reports can be generated. 

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