Investment Tracking System

What is Investment Tracking System?

It is a system created in order to record the data of public investment projects developed throughout the country through a single system, to monitor investment projects instantly and on a provincial / district basis, to view and analyze provincial budgets. 

It is ensured that all planned or ongoing projects of the relevant unit are followed up as country / region / province / district. Thanks to GIS (Geographical Information System), location-based investment tracking and analysis can be made. 

Thanks to the investment tracking system made by ANKAGEO for İSKİ, many information such as investments made in Istanbul, tender status, progress levels in projects, staff of the construction companies carrying out the projects, contract quantities, bid prices, total progress payment can be easily accessed. In addition, not only the general progress in the projects but also the progress made in the lines within the project can be followed up-to-date. 

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Through the application, all the works that are under construction in Istanbul, completed in the tender stage, in the project stage, and in the study stage can be filtered and displayed. In this way, the districts that should be prioritized for project construction can be determined by comparing the investments made in the districts. If desired, it is also possible to access the field photographs and project reports in the investment projects. 

Thanks to the Investment Tracking System, even the people working in the project are remotely controlled. In this way, projects progress in a more transparent, orderly and organized manner. A similar project for İSKİ was made for MoNE. In Turkey; The projects that have been completed, are ongoing, are at the tender stage, and awaiting the acceptance stage and their details are shown. Thanks to this application developed by ANKAGEO, the types of schools that are also seen in Turkey. If there are schools that are considered to be lacking compared to other provinces or districts, it is ensured that investments are made primarily in that region. 

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