Mobile Mapping

What is Mobile Mapping?

Mobile Mapping is the process of collecting spatial data from mobile vehicles such as cars, drones, boats, trains or airplanes. Vehicles can be equipped with a range of sensors: 

  • Positioning (GNSS, GPS) 
  • Cameras 
  • LiDAR 
  • Radar 
  • Remote sensing systems 

Through these systems it is possible to collect: 

  • Light Detection and Range (LIDAR): Optical remote sensing technique that uses laser light to heavily sample the Earth’s surface. 
  • Street-level (planar and panoramic) images: Photos taken from the perspective of pedestrians or moving vehicles. 
  • Aerial images: Photographs taken from above of an area using any manned or unmanned aerial vehicle. 

Mobile Mapping Application Areas

Examples of application areas are:

  • Road / rail network management 
  • Asset Management 
  • Data collection for oil and gas, mining, energy and historical areas 
  • Site monitoring Environmental monitoring 
  • Industrial inspections 
  • Street view data collection 
  • Surveillance and security etc. 

Advantages of Mobile Mapping

  • Speed: Mobile Mapping is much faster than traditional measurement methods. According to a study by the Project Management Association (APM), it can be up to 40 times faster than traditional static scanning tools. 
  • Efficiency: Mobile mapping systems increase your scanning efficiency. For large projects with budget constraints and time pressure, the use of mobile mapping devices allows you to be faster and take on more projects with your existing workforce. Therefore, it is significantly more cost effective. 
  • Safety: Mobile scanners can be operated remotely via autonomous vehicles or UAVs, making it possible to investigate and map difficult-to-access or dangerous environments. 




To summarize, Mobile Mapping consists of vehicle-mounted cameras, sensors and lidars that collect spatial data. It can be used in areas that will meet the various needs of both public and private institutions. Using Mobile Mapping Systems is cost effective and easy to use. 

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