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Advanced and durable computers designed to operate uninterruptedly in order to be continuously accessible, protected in data centers with extensive security, generator and cooling measures, are called servers.
Web servers that store the content of websites and “present” this content to internet users, are one of the most well-known servers.

Servers have different usage areas such as data collection, transmission, hosting of websites and applications, enabling multiple computers in a network to share data. 

Map Web Service

It is the presentation of maps produced using map software in the form of digital image files according to the standards determined in the internet or intranet environment. Users can use map web services in web applications, mobile or desktop applications. 


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Web Map Server Software

It is software that is used to create, manage and distribute GIS services to compatible users and allows users to view and edit spatial and spatial data. Various products are available, both open source and licensed. 


GeoServer, used by ANKAGEO, is an open source Java application designed to present geographic data to the outside world. With GeoServer, it is possible to process, share and organize spatial and spatial data. It is possible to use the data shared with the GeoServer in desktop applications as well as in web-based maps. 

The GeoServer application is OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) compatible and can provide services such as Web Map Service (WMS), Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Coverage Service (WCG) in OGC standards. In this way, communication between platforms becomes possible. GeoServer is designed to be compatible with many geographic data sources. It is also possible to produce data in many standards with Geoserver. In addition, Tile Map standard is used in the GeoServer for web mapping and ease of use of mobile applications.  

In addition to open source software, licensed software are also available. For example, projects related to ArcGIS Server Geographic Information Systems (GIS); It is a server-based ESRI software developed to perform anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

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